Game Jam

Certainly been a while!

Wow, I have not updated this site in quite some time! So much has happened since my last post on April 20th. For starters, I participated in Ludum Dare 33 and produced a game called Eat Humans:

I was fairly happy with the entry, but the gameplay was kinda...meh. I barely did any focused play testing...maybe 15 minutes. As with all my previous entries, I nearly ran out of time. Mostly because I was learning so much on the fly. It was one of my best Ludum Dare experiences to date and I am expecting my next entry to be even better.

Right after Ludum Dare 33 I had to start packing for our move to our new home. I was away from doing any game development for several weeks. In November, I slowly started getting back into the groove and planned on doing Ludum Dare 34.  However, after a half day into the jam, I had to call it quits for several reasons. One, my wife needed my help. Two, I didn't have Monday off work.  I did end up with a decent idea that I will be developing later into a mobile game, but I am currently working on one and need to get that finished first. Speaking of which, I will be meeting up with Ryan Looney of Electric Ally Music on Sunday to discuss the audio for my upcoming mobile game: Core Influence.

The current version for Core Influence is much different in gameplay than my Game Jam Entry version. I am not sure how well this game will be received or if it will provide me with some supplemental income, but I am really looking forward to finally releasing a game that I am proud of.

I bought an android tablet from Best Buy on Thursday, so I can hand it over to collaborators and play testers. It is a Digiland 7" Tablet and it only cost $50 and some tax. The only thing that was a bit of a pain was loading the drivers so that I can build directly to it from Unity. These little tablets are a decent way to get your game into the hands of some play testers without having to worry too much over the cost of a device.

Tonight, I set up a way to allow for loading/streaming assets from a google drive folder into the game. Sending out links for collaborators to upload files to a google drive folder is a cinch and updating the files by right clicking the file and selecting "Manage Versions..." is pretty awesome. Older versions are kept for 30 days, but unfortunately right now you can't switch between the versions to make one the current version.  However, with a bit of coding and switching up the workflow slightly, switching between versions can happen.