Workstation ready to go


My workspace is ready to go. I just need to get working on a game project. I'll probably start on a short game. Something that can be played through within an hour or two.

While I have a serious project in the works, I will be making jam games from the previous ludum dare themes, but doing them over the course of a month. I'd rather do them at a more relaxed rate. However, I'll be joining the fray next ludum dare. 

Right now, I am getting my boat sticker renewed. It's been a while since I've been on the water fishing. For me, it's good thinking time. Relaxes me. 


Started playing Swords of Ditto this weekend. Good game. Love the artwork. Really inspiring me to draw silly art again and animate it in a game. Only thing I'm not in love with is the puzzles in the dungeons. The first two dungeons I encountered felt like unfinished thoughts. Parts of the puzzles were disconnected from the pieces and easily passable. The first Anchor Dungeon was much better with the golf club. There are some glitches I encountered, but all were cosmetic (Z Sprite ordering). Despite those little things, I really recommend the game.

Well, Secretary of State computers went down about 20 mins ago. Fun times.