21 Day Blog Challenge - Day 2

So, today I spent my night mostly just relaxing with my wife, Amy. We recently got a subscription to PS Vue and got sucked into the Food Network. We have not had live tv for several years, excluding HBO Now for GOT. It was nice to just chill out and become a coach potato for a bit. So, now it is 11:30 as I am typing this and I barely got any Game Dev work done.

I am working on a mobile game that is a top down shooter and just focusing on the controls for the game, currently. There are some rough ideas in the works for the story of the game involving a mad scientist/engineer conjoined twins, a laboratory bunker, and some new, "off-the-street" lab assitant to test out a new equipment. I am fighting between 2d and 3d, but since I bought Spine2D and have done nothing with it yet...I'm leaning towards 2D.

Also, I am working on an asset for the Unity Asset Store to try and procure some development time funds. As of right now, I am doing some side work to build a fund and schedule longer weekends to get in some very productive development days. 

My laptop is currently updating my Unity installation, so that I can work during my lunch hour. That was one habit that I let slide and it really slowed me down. Time to get back on top of things.