Core Influence - A Pre Postmordeum, 21 Day Blog Challenge

It is been over a month since core influence has been released and I am realizing I never wrote a blog post right after release. That's really bad. Releasing a game right  around the holidays  was not such a great idea. It gives you very little time  to take care of  all the other little things. So, I am going to wrote a postmortem for core influence. This was something that I planned on doing right after release, but never got around to doing it.

I started working on  a few new game ideas, two of them  are mobile games  and the other is PC /  console game. I've also started getting reacquainted with blender, because the PC / console game will need to be done in 3d.

Some of the things that I will be doing  include  streaming on Twitch ,  doing some Unity  YouTube  videos  on  various things  in unity ,  and  going to  game developer meetups . I'll write more later  but now I got to go make  graphics  at my day job .