Ok...Forget The 21 Day Blog Challenge

I don't want to blog for the sake of a meeting a challenge. Some days, I just don't have that much to say. So, anyway, what have I been up to besides not blogging? Two things, mainly.

First thing is my basement. After much consideration, I redesigned the layout and gave myself more room for my studio. I have a billard table waiting at my parents for me and I was going to have that in the basement. Now, it will be in the rear room of our home. That room doesn't heat very well and it is not a room for just remaining idle. So, it will be a billard room with a TV and small breakfast nook.  It's a better spot for guest in the warmer months, because of our large covered deck connected to that room.

So, in the basement, I will have my studio space with two large desks, one standing desk, one long desk for my printers & scanner, and I'll be setting up a gaming projector with some seating.

Second thing is project architecture. While Core Influence was managable, it was not generic enough to call it reusable. Before I move further into a new game project, I need a better "project template". Something that I can just open and not have to worry about how persistent data is managed, creating canvases, scene transitioning, achievements & unlockables management, etc. All the things that have little to do with the gameplay itself and are common among all games. Ludum Dare is coming in April and I want to have this done before that happens. That way, I can just focus on gameplay and asset creation. It would be amazing to have my basement studio done, too.

Also, I have done some gaming. I have been playing Diablo 3 with my cousin Rob and I just picked up River City Ransom: Underground. Both games are excellent.