Tutorials and Conceptualizing

The past two days I've been following along with a few tutorial series for Unity, writing down game ideas and fleshing them out. Doing this has been really great. I have a habit of thinking of a game and jumping as fast as I can into Unity. It can go without saying, that is a bad idea. But it needs to be said and realizing that is not the first step in the design process. So, even if the GDD is merely a text document done in Notepad++, it is a step in the direction of better design. With all that said, I have a new game idea that I will put a working demo together this week and have something playable by the end of the weekend. Again, a mobile game and keeping it kind of simple this time. No multiple game modes. No unlockables. Just achievements. I will already have enough work with animations in Spine (which will be a learning experience).

I also bought a Novation Launchpad today for use in Game Jams. Plus, I've always been interested in digital music. However, for any games I plan on releasing, I much rather have Electric Alley Studio do the BGM & SFX. Ryan is far more skilled in the world of music and sound than I am. What he put together for Core Influence is just awesome.