The Meatly's "Bendy and the Ink Machine"

So, I missed 1 blog post yesterday. Today, I will make up for it with two. I spent some time working on my Accolades project for the Unity Asset Store and the other part of the evening hanging out with my wife, Amy.

Started to play The Meatly's game last night, but it was freaking Amy out, so instead I waited till this morning when she was meeting up with her cousin for breakfast. I had a donut...mmmm donut. Anyway, the game currently has one chapter and that is great for me (I'll get into why later in this post). Developed by The Meatly and Mike Mood, it is available on Game Jolt for Windows, Linux and Mac and is played in the first person with a small reticle dot for left click interaction. The run down animation studio gives off a very creepy vibe with background music occurring in most key areas, others just adding to the ambiance. All the visuals blend harmoniously together to fit the 1930's-1940's character style of Bendy, a period of early animation for cartoons like Flix and Bimbo. Without giving too much away for the gameplay, in this chapter you are on an "Easter Egg" hunt to acquire items. It would have been nice to learn a bit more lore of the studio during this chapter, but that will probably happen in future chapters. I would have liked to interact with the dresser drawers and finding items within and picking up some papers with notes and artwork drawn on them. It wouldn't even matter if it was important information for the gameplay, anything extra just adds to the immersion. Maybe rewinding the reels or putting on new reels on the projectors to reveal the studio history or watch a Bendy cartoon. The cartoon wouldn't have to be animated either. It could just be like a silent film with static images/text to tell the story or slight motion graphics with audio. In any case, I was really impressed by how well the game was conceived in a three week development sprint. Really well done guys.

Pardon my ramblings from here on, they are just my loose thoughts. Hopefully some of you can connect with these thoughts and feelings. So, why was the one chapter release great for me? I rather like the idea of an episodic gaming trend. Especially from a developer standpoint. I have a difficult time sitting down and devoting myself to a game that is 60+ hours. However, I can easily keep myself committed to several anime and tv series. That is because I know that I can sit down for 20-30 minutes and have a reliable stopping point that feels good to pick up later. Most games don't have that same feel for me and it is difficult to get that feeling right in open world style games. There is that overwhelming feel of all the things to do in the game and I start thinking about all the other things in my life I need to accomplish. However, in the case of "Bendy and the Ink Machine", with it's tight environment and currently being one chapter, that overwhelming feeling is not present. I am eager to play more, but I know I have to wait. That anticipation for the next chapter will keep me glued to the development. It took them three weeks to produce the first chapter, but now that they have a good development foundation to create the next chapter, I am curious as to how long it will take for them to release the next.

Go download the game and play it for yourself. When you do, Game Jolt has a name your price download for the game, so give the developers some cash. They deserve it for all their hard work.