Inching My Way To The Finish Line

March 22 was my last update, apparently. Since then, my free time was spent working side jobs for quite some time and development slowed down. Pay this bill, that bill, yatta yatta yatta. About a few weeks ago, I decided I needed to step away from the side work in order to finish this mobile game. Still, finding free time to work on this game has been tough. Fall, Winter and early Spring are easy parts of the year to really grind some dev time. Summer, not so much. Lots going on. Anyhow, so what have I got done since then and what is left to finish the game?

  • Dumped Memory Game Mode for Breakthru Game Mode
  • Game Modes Finalized
  • Achievement/Unlockables System
  • Unity Ads & Rewards

To Do:

  • Adjust Unlockables Progression
  • Changes to UI to fit 4:3 aspect
  • Google Play Services
  • Code Review and Optimization

I honestly don't understand the use of 4:3 aspect in a world of devices that are predominantly 16:9 & 16:10. Heck, even 17:10 and 3:2 are just fine. I'm not going to point at a particular device for reference, but 4:3 makes UI design for mobile devices annoying. It also cripples your creative freedom.

So, I will probably be done very soon.