So, I've completed everything I need for Google Play Services and for the Play Store listing. I've also uploaded an Alpha Testing APK that I'm just testing myself. It is really cool actually seeing it pop up on the Google Play Store. Just to note: You cannot see Core Influence's listing if you are not part of the Alpha Testing group. Next, I need to figure out how the same testing environment works with iOS. There are a few things that I need to fix in the game, but it is all minor stuff I'll complete tonight. Unity 5.5 has been released, but I will not be upgrading Core Influence to that version. There are some issues with the Google Play Games official plugin, so I'll upgrade when I start my next game. Before I start the next mobile game, I'll be messing around with Google Play Services and Chromecast. Anyway, it's a good chance I will be submitting Core Influence builds to the App Store and Google Play Store next week. Crossing my fingers nothing else pops up that delays this any longer!