Progress? What's that? Problems? That's more like it...blah.

So, if you are considering using Blender as a 2D animation tool, I would promptly direct you to using something like Spriter (good, very affordable $59) or Spine (best, if you have $298)...for now.  I spent all day trying to work the kinks out of my 2D Animation workflow from Photoshop > Blender > Unity.  Now, why don't I just take the advice I have just given to you?  Because two things: I'm poor and blender is free.  I have Spriter, but it does not include mesh deformations.  The essential version of Spine allows somethings, but does not include mesh deformations, IK, free form deformations, skinned meshes, ghosting.  So, until I have that money to blow on it, I'll be using blender.

Spine is so much cleaner and easier to use.  However, if you want to go 3D for a game, you'll have to learn another piece of software.  3D is pretty straight forward with blender and there are tons of tutorials for reference.  But how about for 2D?  Good luck.  There are a few really good examples on the internet, but the people who do use blender for those 2D projects have not provided any tutorials that tell how to get the work done.  I'm hoping to provide some tutorials and my scripts in the future for anyone who would like to use blender for 2D, after I've spent enough time with the workflow to make sure it is efficient and flexible.

Well, I'm 7 minutes past my turn in time.  I'm doubtful I'll have a finished game for 9 pm Monday night.  I'm gonna give it my best, though.  Tomorrow, I'll be attaching a character controller to the character above just to get some code going in Unity.  Once I got that working, I'll work out a short story, storyboard it, and get at least  a quick hack'n'slash game working.  If I can do that much before the end of this LDJAM, I'll be very happy with my endeavor.  I've learned so much already, not sure how much more my brain can take.  LOL.

-BWS (kad)